Turkish Food Recipes

Arabic Bulgur Balls (Fellah Kofte)

The word ‘fellah’ comes from Arabic and it means ‘farmer’. This may be the reason why the same recipe is called ‘Arabic Kofte’ in some other parts of the country. It is a popular recipe […]

Celeriac Salad (kereviz Salatasi)

Who could say that this alien-like looking little fellow would join forces with few simple ingredients and make such tasty ‘meze’.I like it extra creamy with mayo but it is perfectly ok to skip the […]

Smokey Aubergine Dip (Babaganoush)

If you have a soft spot on your heart (or may be in your stomach) for hummus, we bet this epic dip will be your next obsession. The name ‘babaganoush’ is thought be originated in […]


Dont be fooled by its mashy babyfood like looks. You are looking at an ancient Unesco protected recipe. That’s right, Unesco has recognised this dish as an intangible cultural heritage in 2011. It is thought […]

Stuffed Vine Leaves (Sarma)

‘Sarma’ means ‘to wrap’ in Turkish. You may wrap it in vine leaves, white cabbage or chard leaves; make it meaty or vegetarian, all taste heavenly. If you ask your friends from Turkey (also very […]

Fava Dip (Fava)

A meze (appetiser) dish that is adopted from Greek cuisine and has been always very popular in the Agean region of Turkey and Istanbul tavernas. There are different versions of this ‘meze’ too if you […]

Leeks In Olive oil (Pirasa)

This recipe has always surprised my guests who were dubious about the look of the dish and werent particularly fond of leeks in general. Pirasa (Leeks in olive oil or braised leeks) is very light […]

Lentil Balls (Mercimek Koftesi)

Another delicious recipe suitable for vegans/vegetarians. It is not only popular for afternoon tea in Turkey but it makes a great ‘meze’ (appetiser) too. Ingredients 1 cup red lentils 1 cup fine bulgur 1 medium […]

Zucchini Fritters (Mucver)

It is a perfect vegetarian dish. It can be consumed hot or cold. You may add different vegetables and make your own ‘Mucver’. If you or someone at home doesnt like courgettes this might be […]

Cacik (Turkish cucumber & yogurt Dip)

One of the simplest yet most delicious ‘meze’ (appetiser) of the cuisine and it is filling, nutritious and refreshing in summer. Ingredients 1 cup creamy yogurt (I use my homemade yogurt) 1 medium cucumber 3/4 […]

stuffed Aubergine (Karniyarik)

This is one of the most traditional recipes of Turkish cuisine. Almost everyone loves ‘karniyarik’. If you love/eat meat and aubergine and like to have a bit of challenge in the kitchen, then this is […]

Homemade YOGURT

I’ve grown up in a house where yogurt was consumed twice, with lunch and dinner without a miss. Not a supermarket or maker-made one; simple homemade yogurt with only 2 ingredients…Since I left home for […]

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